Skye McIntyre, Sydney’s leading nail stylist

A career as a model triggered my interest in beauty, style and fashion, and I’ve dedicated myself to makeup artistry, nail styling and beauty therapies ever since.

I’m Skye, and I don't believe in prescriptive beauty. There is no ‘one size fits all’ solution for women, and so I’ve dedicated my career to pushing the boundaries, redefining nail artistry in Sydney and working with some of Australia’s most amazing celebrities.

I love it all – long glittery nails, short nudes, outlandish designs and glamour looks (a few 3D Swarovski Nail Crystals never go astray!). Whether it is with makeup or nails, I love creating looks that are both feminine and edgy. 

And with experience both in front of and behind the camera, I know what it takes to make your entire body – from head to toe – shine.

Where style is created

Unique. Distinct. Head-turning. 

They’re some of the terms used to describe my work. But despite being one of Sydney’s most in-demand nail stylists, I don't see myself as pushing boundaries. Whether it’s makeup, tanning, brows or nails, I’m simply in love with exercising my creativity and exercising absolute precision each and every time. 

As a CND™ SHELLAC® Education Ambassador, I’ve had the privilege to work with celebrities, beauty stylists and industry professionals through to styling houses, designers, and brand and image managers. 

I’ve shaped their nails. Buffed them to perfection. Polished them with precision. And styled the hell out of them.

Now I’m ready to do yours.

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